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10 Idées Cadeaux à Offrir pour la Fête des Pères 2024

10 Gift Ideas to Give for Father's Day 2024

Father's Day is fast approaching, and finding the perfect gift can sometimes be a challenge. Whether your father is a cigar lover, a watch enthusiast or an epicurean, here are 10 gift ideas selected from Atelier Atypical that will delight him.

1. Cigar Humidor - CRYSTAL TIME

Give your father this elegant cigar humidor, perfect for storing his favorite cigars in optimal conditions. It combines luxury and functionality with a unique crystal design.

Discover the CRYSTAL TIME Cigar Humidor

2. Automatic Watch Winder - TrioWind

A stylish and functional automatic watch winder, ideal for watch enthusiasts. It keeps watches on time while showcasing them.

See the TrioWind Watch Winder

3. Ceiling Chandelier - Stellar Orion

This modern and sophisticated chandelier will bring a touch of class to any room. Available in multiple colors, it's perfect for dads who love interior design.

Buy the Stellar Orion Ceiling Chandelier

4. Desktop Cigar Cutter – Helix Loop

For cigar-loving dads, this desktop cigar cutter combines practicality and elegance, allowing for a precise cut every time.

Discover the Helix Loop cigar cutter

5. Humidifier for humidor - Xander 200

Make sure your dad's cigars stay fresh with this high-quality acrylic humidor. An essential accessory for any cigar lover.

View the Xander 200 Humidifier

6. Luxury Lighter - Ignition Pro

An elegant and refined lighter, ideal for lighting cigars or simply as a collector's item. Its sophisticated design makes it a perfect gift.

Buy the Ignition Pro Lighter

7. Cigar Humidor - CORLEON

Another great humidor option, this time with a modern design. Perfect for dads who like to combine style and function.

Discover the CORLEON Cigar Humidor

8. Cigar punch key ring - Prestige Elegance

A chic and practical accessory for cigar lovers, allowing cigars to be pierced with precision.

See the Prestige Elegance Cigar Punch

9. Travel cigar case – CARBON WOOD

Perfect for dads who travel often, this case combines the robustness of carbon with the elegance of wood, protecting cigars on the go.

Buy the CARBON WOOD Case

10. Personalizable Cigar Box - Voyageur Signature

    Offer an elegant and customizable box by laser engraving to celebrate precious memories while keeping cigars safe.

    Discover the Signature Traveler Case

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