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Humidifier & Hygrometer

hygrometer and cigar humidifier
Immerse yourself in the world of elegance and preservation with our collection of cigar humidors and hygrometers . Every draw, every flavor, every moment is a precious experience for cigar enthusiasts. Our superior quality tools give you absolute control over humidity , ensuring that each tasting is a true journey into aromas.

Discover the perfect fusion of cigar tradition and modern precision. With our humidors , hold your cigars to perfection, preserving their richness and flavor for the moments that matter. Our sophisticated hygrometers give you precise insight into your humidor environment, ensuring the ideal atmosphere for each precious cigar.

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Cigar box humidifier - Barez

Cigar box humidifier - Barez

Cigar box humidifier - Big Barez

Cigar box humidifier - Big Barez

Cigar Hygrometer - Aurum

Cigar Hygrometer - Aurum

Electronic Cigar Hygrometer - CarbonRing

Electronic Cigar Hygrometer - CarbonRing

Electronic Cigar Hygrometer - TESLA

Electronic Cigar Hygrometer - TESLA

Electronic Hygrometer for Cigars - EliteGuard

Electronic Hygrometer for Cigars - EliteGuard

Discover our humidifiers and hygrometers for optimal preservation of your cigars

When investing in quality cigars, it is essential to ensure that they are stored in ideal conditions to preserve their freshness and flavor. Our premium humidifiers and hygrometers are designed to meet this essential requirement of cigar lovers, whether novice or expert.

Whether you have just started your adventure in the world of cigars or you are a seasoned enthusiast, our range of products offers you the guarantee of precise preservation of your cigars. By maintaining optimal humidity levels, our humidors ensure that each cigar retains its delicate aromas and exceptional flavor, allowing you to fully enjoy every puff.

Our products are designed with careful attention to detail and manufactured from premium materials to ensure reliable, long-lasting performance. With our humidors and hygrometers, you can have peace of mind knowing that your cigars are in good hands, preserved in perfect conditions until the moment you decide to enjoy them.

Whether you want to start your cigar collection with the right equipment or are looking to upgrade your existing storage system, our selection of products will meet all your needs and expectations. Browse our range today and discover how our humidifiers and hygrometers can enhance your cigar smoking experience.

Why is a humidifier needed?

High-end cigars require a specific environment to preserve their quality and flavor. Ideally, they should be kept at a relative humidity of around 65% to 72%. This range ensures that the cigar burns evenly and at the correct temperature, preserving its delicate aromas and exceptional flavor.

Too low a humidity level can cause the cigar to burn hot and bitter, as well as make the tobacco brittle and prone to cracking. On the other hand, excess humidity can cause uneven combustion, making the cigar difficult to light and encouraging the development of mold. Maintaining a slightly lower relative humidity allows the tobacco to age naturally without suffering the detrimental effects of overhumidification.

Cigar humidors play a crucial role in maintaining a consistent humidity level in your humidor. They ensure that your cigars remain in the exact condition that the cigar makers intended, allowing you to fully enjoy every puff.

How does a humidifier work?

Humidifiers, regardless of their design or materials, share a fundamental operating principle. They are designed to hold water, usually stored in a reservoir or absorbed by a material like a sponge or foam. This water reserve allows the humidifier to regulate the humidity level in the environment where the cigars are located.

When the humidity in the humidor decreases below the desired level, the humidifier gradually releases moisture into the air. This is done either by direct evaporation from the reservoir or by diffusion through the absorbent material. In this way, the humidifier maintains a constant level of humidity in the humidor, thus preserving the cigars against drying out and ensuring their quality.

Some humidifiers are also capable of removing excess moisture from the air to prevent overhumidification. This can be achieved through ventilation mechanisms or absorbent materials specifically designed to regulate humidity.

In summary, whether through direct evaporation or diffusion from an absorbent material, humidifiers work by maintaining a constant balance of humidity within the humidor, ensuring that your cigars remain fresh and flavorful.

How to choose the right humidor humidifier?

When choosing a humidifier for your humidor, several factors should be considered to ensure optimal operation:

  1. Storage Space Size : Evaluate the size of your humidor as well as its maximum capacity in terms of the number of cigars it can hold. Make sure the humidifier you choose is suitable for the specific space in your humidor to maintain an ideal humidity level.

  2. Humidifier Size and Shape : Does your humidor have a dedicated space to accommodate a humidifier? If so, check what the maximum acceptable dimensions are for the humidifier. Some humidors are designed to fit specific sizes or shapes of humidors, so be sure to choose the one that best suits your space.

  3. Maintenance Level : Each type of humidifier requires a certain level of maintenance. Most of the time, this involves adding distilled water to the unit with a special antibacterial humidifier solution, such as Adorini's Humidifier Liquid. How often you will need to refill the device depends on several factors, including the size of the humidor, how often the humidor is opened and closed, the average number of cigars stored, and even external atmospheric conditions. Make sure you choose a humidifier whose maintenance fits your preferences and schedule.

By taking these elements into consideration, you will be able to choose the humidifier perfectly suited to your cigar humidor, thus guaranteeing optimal preservation of your cigars and a most pleasant smoking experience.

Types of humidifiers:

  1. Passive humidifiers: These humidifiers are perfect for constant and regulated humidification of your humidor. They are designed to maintain optimal humidity levels without requiring constant intervention on your part. Passive humidifiers are simple to use and offer a reliable solution for keeping your cigars in ideal condition.

  2. Active Humidifiers: Active humidifiers provide precise humidity control, allowing you to meet the specific needs of your cigar collection. These humidors come with advanced features that allow you to precisely adjust and monitor the humidity level of your humidor. They are ideal for those who want complete control over the storage environment of their cigars and want to adjust the settings according to their personal preferences.

Why a Hygrometer is Essential for Your Humidor

Hygrometers play a crucial role in preserving your cigars in optimal conditions. By measuring relative humidity, these devices give you valuable insight into the microclimate inside your humidor. While cigars themselves can give you clues about their condition, hygrometers provide continuous and accurate monitoring, allowing you to respond quickly to changes in the environment. Available in a range of styles and sizes, from classic analog models to modern digital versions, hygrometers provide essential peace of mind by ensuring your cigars remain in ideal condition for optimal aging and a superior tasting experience.

Analog hygrometers

Analog hygrometers feature a classic numbered dial, providing easy reading of relative humidity. They come in three main types:

  1. Metal Spring Hygrometers : Featuring a metal spring that responds to humidity levels, these hygrometers are affordable but less accurate.

  2. Natural Hair Hygrometers : Using a natural hair that expands or contracts depending on humidity, these hygrometers offer superior accuracy but require regular maintenance.

  3. Synthetic Hair Hygrometers : Similar to natural hair hygrometers but using synthetic materials, they require little or no maintenance while providing high accuracy.

Digital hygrometers

Digital hygrometers provide a clear display of relative humidity and sometimes even the current temperature. Although some believe they are always more accurate, their accuracy can vary, usually around +/- 2%. Digital hygrometers optimized for humidors offer the best accuracy, especially those designed for humidity levels above 65%.

Custom Humidity Control

No matter the size or style of your humidor, there is a humidifier and hygrometer to suit your needs. Browse our selection to find the perfect tools to keep your cigars in optimal condition, ensuring the most enjoyable smoking experience.

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