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Accessoires Atypiques pour une Vie Unique

Atypical Accessories for a Unique Life

Atypical Accessories for a Unique Life

Atypical Accessories for a Unique Life

Accessories can transform our daily lives, adding a touch of style and personality to our lives. Whether you are looking for practical objects or simply decorative elements, here is a selection of unique accessories available on Atelier Atypical to beautify your daily life.

Leather Cigar Case - COHIBA STYLE Solo Brown

A must-have accessory for cigar lovers, this leather case combines elegance and functionality. It allows you to transport your cigars safely while affirming your taste for beautiful things.

Material : Genuine leather

Brown color

Capacity : 5 cigars

View cigar case

Essential Oil Diffuser - Gatsby

Bring a touch of relaxation and well-being to your space with this elegantly designed essential oil diffuser. It diffuses your favorite essential oils while adding a decorative touch to your interior.

Material : Glass and wood

Color : Transparent and natural wood

Capacity : 100ml

Discover the diffuser

Vintage Leather Sports Bag - Franky

For sporty dads, this vintage leather bag is both practical and stylish. It offers enough room for all sports essentials while remaining stylish.

Material : Genuine leather

Brown color

Dimensions : 50 x 30 x 20 cm

See the sports bag

Winder for Automatic Watches - WoodWind

Ideal for collectors of automatic watches, this watch winder combines luxury and functionality. It keeps your watches ready to wear at any time.

Material : Walnut wood

Capacity : 2, 4 or 6 watches

Discover the winder

Ceiling Chandelier - Stellar Orion

This modern and sophisticated chandelier will bring a touch of class to any room. Available in several colors, it is perfect for those who love interior design.

Material : Metal

Color : Black, Chrome, Gold

Dimensions : 69 x 51 cm, 88 x 72 cm, 100 x 88 cm

See the chandelier

Cigar punch key ring - COHIBA TOWN

A chic and practical accessory for cigar lovers, allowing cigars to be pierced with precision.

Material : Stainless steel

Black color

Dimensions : 5.3 x 0.8 cm

See the hallmark

Hanging Lamp - Vertigo Style

Bring a contemporary touch to your interior with this uniquely designed hanging lamp. Ideal for the living room or dining room.

Material : Aluminum

Color : Black, White or Copper

Dimensions : 75 cm, 100 cm and up to 200 cm

See the lamp

Luxury Lighter - Ignition Pro

An elegant and refined lighter, ideal for lighting cigars or simply as a collector's item. Its sophisticated design makes it a perfect gift.

Material : Metal

Silver color

See the lighter

Cigar Humidor - CARBON

Another great humidor option, this time with a modern carbon fiber design. Perfect for cigar lovers who like to combine style and functionality.

Material : Carbon fiber and cedar wood

Capacity : 35 cigars

See the cigar humidor

Personalized Poster - Your Unique Creation

Offer a personalized poster to celebrate precious memories. Personalize it with photos, quotes or important dates for a unique and sentimental gift.

Material : High quality paper

Dimensions : Customizable

Create your personalized poster

These unique accessories from Atelier Atypical are perfect for adding a touch of style and personality to your daily life. Whether for yourself or as a gift, these practical and decorative objects are sure to please. Discover our entire collection on Atelier Atypical .

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