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Comment Conserver ses Cigares : Techniques et Astuces 🌿

How to Store Your Cigars: Techniques and Tips 🌿

🔍 Introduction to Cigar Storage

For any cigar lover, preservation is an essential aspect of maintaining the quality and taste of your cigars. Proper storage ensures that each cigar remains as fresh and flavorful as the day it was rolled.

💡 The Importance of Humidity and Temperature Control

Humidity and temperature are the two key factors in the preservation of cigars. Ideally, cigars should be stored at a relative humidity of 70% and a temperature of around 21°C. These conditions mimic the tropical environment where the cigars are made and help preserve their freshness.

📦 Choice of Humidor

The humidor is a box specially designed to store cigars. They come in different sizes and materials, but the most important thing is that it maintains a constant humidity level. A good humidor is essential for any serious collector.

🌬️ Cigar Ventilation and Placement

Make sure your humidor is not too full and that air can circulate freely between the cigars. Good ventilation prevents mold and ensures uniform maturation of cigars.

🔄 Regular Rotation

It is advisable to rotate your cigars in the humidor every few months. This ensures even exposure to humidity and prevents the cigars from losing flavor.

📆 Humidity Tracking and Humidor Charging

It is important to regularly monitor the humidity level of your humidor and refill it with distilled water or special humidifying solution to maintain optimal conditions.


Storing cigars is not complicated, but it does require attention and care. By following these tips, your cigars will stay fresh and full of flavor, ready to be enjoyed to their full potential.

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