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Élégance et Fonctionnalité : Le Cendrier à Cigares

Elegance and Functionality: The “Crystal Tower” Cigar Ashtray

For cigar lovers, each accessory is a piece that enriches the tasting experience. The “Crystal Tower” Cigar Ashtray stands out for its exceptional design and functionality, offering a setting worthy of the moments of pleasure that a good cigar provides. Combining crystalline beauty and practicality, this ashtray is not only a utilitarian object, but also a true eye-catching art object.

A Sophisticated Design

The “Crystal Tower” is much more than just an ashtray. Its crystal design, inspired by the modernity and elegance of skyscrapers, captures light and diffuses it spectacularly, adding a unique visual dimension to your tasting space. Every facet of the ashtray is carefully carved to reflect excellence and luxury, making every moment of relaxation a moment of pure elegance.

Functionality Meets Luxury

Beyond its impressive aesthetic, the “Crystal Tower” is designed to meet the needs of the most demanding cigar lovers. Its large bowl allows you to accommodate several cigars simultaneously, ideal for group tastings. The edges are specially designed to hold cigars in place, ensuring that ashes fall into the ashtray and not next to it.

A Status Symbol

Owning a “Crystal Tower” Cigar Ashtray is a distinctive sign of taste and refinement. It is a preferred choice for those who appreciate quality and design in every aspect of their lives, providing an added touch of sophistication to the art of cigar smoking.


The “Crystal Tower” Cigar Ashtray perfectly combines elegance and functionality, offering cigar lovers an enhanced tasting experience. Whether for personal use or as a gift for a cigar lover in your life, the "Crystal Tower" is a piece that will make an impression and enrich every moment spent enjoying a cigar.

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