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Épicurisme à la Maison : Comment Créer un Espace de Dégustation de Cigares

Epicureanism at Home: How to Create a Cigar Tasting Space

Cigar aficionados know that cigar tasting is more than just a habit; it is an experience that combines the pleasure of the senses with a relaxing atmosphere.

For those who want to recreate this experience at home, here's how to create a cigar tasting space at home.

Choose the Right Place

The choice of location is crucial. Opt for a quiet place where you can relax without being disturbed. A terrace, a garden or a quiet corner of your living room can be perfect options.

Make sure you have plenty of room to sit comfortably, with comfortable seating, such as club chairs or Adirondack chairs.

Create a Comfortable Atmosphere

The atmosphere is essential for a successful cigar tasting experience. Add comfort elements such as cushions, throws and rugs to make the space welcoming. Use dim lighting, such as lanterns or tealights, to create a warm ambiance.

Invest in a Quality Humidor

A humidor is essential for storing and maintaining your cigars at the correct humidity. Choose a quality humidor that can accommodate your collection. Make sure it has a good humidity control system to keep your cigars fresh.

Accessories and Tools

Prepare accessories such as a quality cigar cutter , torch lighters , ashtrays and highball glasses. These elements will enhance your tasting experience.

Selection of Cigars

Keep a variety of cigars in your tasting area to suit all tastes. Choose cigars of different strengths and flavors so you can match them on different occasions.


Cigar tasting is a personal experience. Take your time to appreciate the flavors and aromas. Feel free to take notes on your preferences.

Music and Entertainment

Add a touch of background music or entertainment to make the experience even more enjoyable. A jazz or classical music playlist can perfectly accompany a cigar tasting.

Invite Friends

Sharing a cigar tasting with friends can be a rewarding experience. Organize tasting evenings to discuss, exchange impressions and discover new cigars together.

Creating a cigar tasting space at home can turn a simple habit into an epicurean experience. Follow these steps to create a sanctuary where you can relax, enjoy the company of good friends, and savor the pleasure of cigar tasting.

Let yourself be carried away by this unique sensory adventure.

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