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Feuilles de Cèdre : Séparateur de Cigare, un Accessoire Utile ou un Gadget ?

Cedar Leaves: Cigar Separator, a Useful Accessory or a Gadget?

Cedar leaves are often used as cigar separators in humidors to maintain cigar quality. But whether they are really useful or just a gimmick is a valid question.

In this article, we are going to explore the usefulness of cedar leaves as cigar splitters.

  1. The Cedar Tradition

The use of cedar for aging cigars is a tradition that dates back many years. Cedar gives off a subtle aroma that can improve the flavor of the cigar over time. Plus, it helps absorb excess moisture, which is essential to prevent cigars from getting too wet and moldy.

  1. Maintain Ideal Humidity

Cigars require a specific relative humidity to age properly and maintain their flavor. Cedar leaves help keep that humidity in the humidor by absorbing excess moisture and releasing it when the air gets too dry.

  1. Prevent Flavor Mixing

When multiple cigars are stored in the same humidor, preventing the mixing of flavors is essential. Cedar leaves act as natural barriers between cigars, preventing their flavors from mixing.

  1. Prevent Cohabitation Problems

Some cigars can have stronger smells than others, which can affect the taste of neighboring cigars. The cedar leaves help prevent these smells from spreading and disrupting the flavor of adjacent cigars.

  1. The Quality of Cedar Leaves

The effectiveness of cedar leaves as cigar separators largely depends on their quality. Premium cedar leaves, properly prepared and cared for, are more effective at maintaining optimum moisture and flavors.

Ultimately, cedar leaves are more than just a gimmick. They are a useful accessory for cigar lovers who wish to preserve the quality, humidity and flavor of their cigars.

When used correctly, they help maintain an ideal environment for cigar aging, thus becoming an integral part of the cigar experience.

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