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Remontoirs pour Montres Automatiques : Préserver l'Élégance et la Précision

Winders for Automatic Watches: Preserving Elegance and Precision

Winders for Automatic Watches: Preserving Elegance and Precision

Automatic watch winders are essential accessories for watch lovers. They keep your watches in perfect working order and add a touch of elegance to your collection. Discover our selection of watch winders available at Atelier Atypical.

Why Use an Automatic Watch Winder?

Automatic watch winders are essential for several reasons:

  • Maintaining Accuracy : Watch winders keep your watches in constant motion, ensuring their precision and preventing internal oils from freezing.
  • Protection of the Mechanism : By maintaining a smooth movement, watch winders protect the delicate mechanisms of your automatic watches.
  • Elegance and Presentation : Watch winders add an aesthetic touch to your collection, displaying your watches in an elegant way.

Our Selection of Watch Winders

Automatic Watch Winder - Bangers

This contemporary and designer watch winder allows gentle charging of several automatic watches. Available in four sizes and two finishes (Black or Wood), it adapts to your collection of luxury watches.

Material : Wood and metal

Capacity : 2, 4, 6 or 9 watches

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Automatic Watch Winder - Big Woody's

With its simple and elegant style, this watch winder offers 4 slots for your watches. It is designed to smoothly charge your automatic watches, an essential accessory for watch enthusiasts.

Material : Wood

Capacity : 4 watches

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Automatic Watch Winder - Gyroscopica

This watch winder is a technical masterpiece intended for lovers of luxury watchmaking. With an elegant design and high-end features, it ensures optimal winding of your favorite mechanical watches.

Material : Metal and glass

Capacity : 2 watches

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Tips for Choosing the Right Watch Winder

  • Capacity : Make sure the watch winder can accommodate all your automatic watches.
  • Materials : Opt for high-quality materials like wood and metal for added durability.
  • Features : Look for features like custom rotation settings and digital displays for ease of use.


Automatic watch winders are essential accessories to maintain the precision and elegance of your watches. Discover our selection of high quality watch winders on Atelier Atypical to find the one that best suits your collection.

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