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Secondary Wall Decoration

Canvases Painted to Order from Atelier Atypical - From Standard to XXL

Welcome to the creative world of Atelier Atypical , where art comes to life through our painted-to-order canvases, available in sizes ranging from standard to XXL. Whether you're looking to spruce up a small space or transform a large blank wall into a captivating work of art, we've got you covered.

A Format for Every Space

At Atelier Atypical, we understand that living space is personal and that the size of the art must harmonize perfectly with its surroundings. That's why we offer a wide range of sizes, from our standard formats, perfect for discreet hangings or gallery collections, to XXL canvases that capture attention in large spaces such as lofts, halls entrance or meeting rooms.

Styles for All Tastes

Our customers can choose from a variety of styles:

  • Modern : For those looking for a clean aesthetic, our modern canvases play on bright colors and abstract shapes to create a strong visual impact.
  • Contemporary : Perfect for current interiors, our contemporary art incorporates current design elements and social commentary, all expressed through avant-garde painting techniques.
  • Works of Art : For lovers of traditional art, we offer reinterpretations of classics as well as original creations inspired by the great masters.

Complete Customization

Atelier Atypical is proud to offer a total customization service. You can specify not only the size of your canvas, but also choose from a palette of colors and techniques so that the final work matches your vision and space exactly. Our artists will work with you to ensure every detail reflects your wishes.

Premium Quality Materials

We use only high-quality materials to ensure the durability and liveliness of each piece. Canvases are carefully selected for their ability to hold paint, while the paints used are fade resistant, ensuring that your artwork remains as impressive as the day it was painted.

Commitment to Excellence

Each painting ordered from Atelier Atypical is a promise of quality and exclusivity. Our works are not mere decorations, but investments in art that inspire and enrich any environment.

Order your personalized canvas today from Atelier Atypical and transform your space with art that speaks, inspires and lasts. Whether for a special gift or to add an artistic touch to your home or office, a painting from Atelier Atypical is the perfect choice.

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