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Discover Our Lighting Collection – Light Up Your Space with Style

Discover the vast range of Atelier Atypical lighting , where creativity and quality illuminate to beautify your interior but also where each piece is designed to transform your home with brightness and style. Whether you're looking for subtle lighting or a bold centerpiece, our vast selection meets all needs and preferences.

Variety and Excellence of Lighting at Atelier Atypical

At Atelier Atypical, we offer a diverse selection of lighting, from elegant pendant lights to minimalist floor lamps, sophisticated wall lights and designer ceiling lights. Each piece is chosen for its exceptional quality and unique aesthetic, offering perfect functionality and a striking presence in any living space.

Designs for All Styles

Our lighting catalog is designed to complement a variety of interior decors, from modern to traditional. Atelier Atypical products are designed to harmonize with your home while providing a distinctive and contemporary touch. Choose from our budget-friendly LED models or go for a retro look to add nostalgic charm to your space.

Customization Options – Standard and Custom Sizes

We understand that every space is unique. This is why, in addition to our range of standard size lighting fixtures, Atelier Atypical also offers personalized options. For some designs, you can order custom-made versions in XXL size, perfect for larger spaces or to make a bold statement in your decor. Express your style with a lighting fixture that adapts perfectly to your needs and your environment.

Ease of Purchasing and Customer Engagement

Buying from Atelier Atypical is child's play thanks to our user-friendly and secure online platform. Each light fixture is detailed with exhaustive descriptions and precise images to help you make the best choice. Our commitment does not end with the sale: our customer service is always available to advise you or answer your post-purchase questions.

We are committed to providing not only quality products but also an unparalleled customer experience. Explore our collection today and let Atelier Atypical illuminate your home with style, quality, and personalization.

Inspired by the Big Names of Design

Our collections at Atelier Atypical are deeply inspired by icons of lighting design, such as Achille Castiglioni, Philippe Starck, and Patricia Urquiola. Their innovative and timeless approach to lighting design continues to influence our designs, allowing us to offer lighting fixtures that seamlessly marry form and function. Each piece is designed to be both an object of art and an effective light source, enriching any living space.

Achille Castiglioni is famous for his innovative use of materials and forms, creating lighting fixtures that combine beauty and practical utility. His works such as the Arco lamp perfectly illustrate this marriage between functionality and modern aesthetics.

Philippe Starck , known for his flair for the dramatic and unexpected, revolutionized the design of everyday objects, including lighting fixtures. His bold, avant-garde designs have changed the way we perceive utilitarian objects.

Patricia Urquiola , on the other hand, is known for her intuitive designs that add a touch of color and liveliness. Its lighting fixtures are not just sources of light but central pieces that capture attention, bringing elegance and modernity.

Isamu Noguchi introduced a sculptural dimension to lighting design with his iconic paper lamps that merge Eastern and Western aesthetics into a soft and welcoming art form.

George Nelson designed iconic pieces like his bubble lamps, which combine industrial materials and organic shapes to create lights that are true mid-century style statements.

Gino Sarfatti has excelled in the art of creating minimalist and functional lighting fixtures, exploring the limits of lighting technology with a clean design that highlights the essence of light.

Arne Jacobsen is celebrated for his elegant lighting designs that have become classics of Scandinavian design, combining minimalism and functionality.

Louis Poulsen has collaborated with designers to create lighting fixtures that not only illuminate but beautify, using designs that perfectly complement modern architecture.

Poul Henningsen developed the concept of PH luminaires which diffuse soft and balanced light, avoiding glare while optimizing the diffusion of light.

Tom Dixon uses industrial materials in innovative ways to create lighting fixtures that are both works of raw art and effective light sources, emphasizing the raw beauty of the materials used.

At Atelier Atypical, each light fixture is the result of a tireless quest for quality. We rigorously select our materials to guarantee not only aesthetic beauty but also exceptional durability. Our creations are made from premium materials, such as high-quality metal, hand-blown glass, and finely crafted wood, ensuring an impeccable finish and resistance to the test of time.

This attention to detail is reflected in every joint, every finish and every design choice. Our commitment to quality is also evident in our selection of modern lighting technologies, which guarantee energy efficiency and optimal brightness. Atelier Atypical strives to combine this material excellence with inspired design, offering lighting fixtures that are not only functional but also truly transcendent.

By turning to our store, you choose more than just lighting; you opt for a centerpiece that tells a story, enriches the ambiance and reflects your taste for refined aesthetics. Explore our collection and let Atelier Atypical illuminate your world with elegance and originality. Engage in an experience where every fixture is a work of art, designed to bring beauty and innovation to every corner of your life.

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